I’m Not the Stranger You Think I Am OFF-BROADWAY REVIEWS

Photo: Piotr Redlinski

  • Opening Night:
    May 18, 2015
    June 6, 2015

    Theater: Various Locations / N/A, New York, New York, 10003


    New plays by Craig Lucas, Will Eno, Lynn Nottage, Jose Rivera, Thomas Bradshaw, Zayd Dohrn, and Emily Schwend will have their world premiere on May 18th inside a mobile 4-by-8-foot theatre where one actor will perform one short play for just one audience member at a time. Rooted in the belief that emotional intimacy is possible at any moment, at any time, and with any person, each short play in "I’m Not the Stranger You Think I Am" was specially commissioned for production in Theatre for One’s custom-designed, state-of-the-art performance space.

  • NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW OF I’m Not the Stranger You Think I Am

    ‘I’m Not the Stranger You Think I Am,’ Where Theater Meets Confessional

    Ben Brantley

    May 22, 2015: There’s no hiding in the dark this time, and none of the usual safety in numbers. It’s just you and her — or him — eyeball to eyeball, in a closed, red space the size of a confessional. If you blush or yawn or wipe tears from your eyes, she sees it; that means, of course, that she feels it, too. The responsibilities of being an audience rarely weigh as heavily as they do in “I’m Not the Stranger You Think I Am,” the series of short (roughly five-minute) plays that opened this week at Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan. The self-contained, tiny (4 feet by 8 feet), mobile structure in which these solo dramas take place resembles a confessional in more ways than one. As this mini-theater has been created, by the inspired designer Christine Jones and the architectural firm Lot-ek, you find yourself in immediate proximity to someone who has every intention of confiding in you. He or she materializes when a screen slides away, revealing a person seated, as you are, and as close as the image in your bathroom mirror. There may be a few seconds of silence, but then this person starts talking with the urgency of someone who really, really needs you to understand. Under the circumstances, you have no choice but to try to honor the request.



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