Lypsinka! The Trilogy OFF-BROADWAY REVIEWS

Photo: Ruby Washington


Opening Night:
November 13, 2014
January 3, 2015

Theater: Connelly Theater / 220 E 4th St, New York, New York, 10009


Lypsinka! The Trilogy — a trio of shows that includes the revivals of Lypsinka! The Boxed Set and The Passion of the Crawford and the New York premiere of John Epperson: Show Trash. Not seen in New York since 2001, this full-length 'traditional Lypsinka' concert show is the award-winning revue of Lyp's greatest bits that has toured the world, flabbergasting audiences from Los Angeles to Sydney to Glasgow. Using a soundtrack created from films, musicals, and concert recordings, the supreme archivist of irony showcases the modern woman’s challenge of being over-blessed with femininity and celebrity."

  • NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW OF Lypsinka! The Trilogy

    The Wasp Goddess, Imperious, Vulnerable and (Gasp) Unmasked

    Ben Brantley

    November 14, 2014: Some women never seem to get older, because they never looked young to begin with. You know, the kind who make you think they must have been born 35, in their bountiful prime and in full makeup. You can’t help wondering, though, about what really lurks behind the lipstick, and if the mask they’re wearing ever feels too tight. Lypsinka, the greatest chanteuse who never sung a note, is that kind of dame. After an absence of nearly 10 years from the New York stage, she’s returned to her old neighborhood — the East Village — in not one but three shows under the umbrella title Lypsinka! The Trilogy, which opened Thursday night at the Connelly Theater in a Tweed TheaterWorks production. And I gotta tell you, she hasn’t aged a day since she started hanging out in louche dives like the Pyramid Club more than (say it ain’t so!) 30 years ago. She still strikes those perfect nightclub goddess poses, both sultry and imperial, with the same forbidding, invitational hauteur. Sure, there are plenty of hints that inside a few screws have been shaken loose. But that was always part of the lady’s fascination. That Lypsinka! The Trilogy, whose three parts run in repertory through Jan. 3, brilliantly assesses the toll taken on women by their facades should surprise no one. That has always been the strength — and the high art — of this performer, and it is on virtuoso display in reprises of two of her classics, both staged by Kevin Malony, Lypsinka: The Boxed Set and The Passion of the Crawford.

  • HUFFINGTON POST REVIEW OF Lypsinka! The Trilogy

    Stage Door: Lypsinka! The Trilogy

    Fern Siegel

    November 14, 2014: Part camp, part social commentary, the always-entertaining Lypsinka is back with three shows. The revivals of the acclaimed Lypsinka! The Boxed Set and The Passion of the Crawford are coupled with the premiere of John Epperson: Show Trash, playing the piano and sharing his life. All are running in repertory off-Broadway at The Connelly Theater. Aside from Epperson unmasked, everything old is new again. Lypsinka has been absent from a New York stage for more than nine years, yet Box Set has lost none of its theatricality or glamor. It's just as wonderfully tart, sassy and clever, thanks to split-second timing and stylish drag-artist mannerisms.



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