That Bachelorette Show OFF-BROADWAY REVIEWS

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Opening Night:
April 25, 2015
November 21, 2015

Theater: 42 West / 220 W 42nd St #12, New York, NY 10036


From the creator of "The Awesome 80s Prom" comes New York’s newest interactive sensation, "That Bachelorette Show!" After 8 years and no ring, Adriana Orlando just broke up with her high school sweetheart, Giovanni Giovanni. Desperate for a new start, she’s putting her love life in the hands of That Bachelorette Show, where she’ll meet some of the most eligible and spoof-tastic bachelors in the world! With all these choices, how will she pick which man she’ll marry? She won’t. YOU WILL! At "That Bachelorette Show," you’ll mix, mingle, and dance it up to your favorite radio hits, spun by star Guest DJ’s, as all of our bachelors vie for your vote. You’ll watch them compete in dance contests, ab-offs, and more. And over the course of the show, they’ll slowly be eliminated until only one remains, who will walk off into the sunset with Adriana. The rest are up for grabs!

  • THEATERMANIA REVIEW OF That Bachelorette Show

    A new interactive show issues a siren call for bachelorette parties from across the tri-state area

    Zachary Srewart

    April 25, 2015: Dust off your plastic tiaras and pink feather boas, ladies! There's a new show just for you and your best girlfriends. From the mad mind of Ken Davenport ("The Awesome 80s Prom") comes "That Bachelorette Show!," an interactive send-up of reality-TV dating tailor-made for big groups of women (and their best gays) looking for a wild night on the town. It's about time considering that for years bachelorette parties have had to make do with "Naked Boys Singing!," which, for all its full-frontal male nudity, is still a gay male revue (as evidenced by "Window to Window," a recurring love song between two men). "That Bachelorette Show!" has none of the gratuitous nudity of that show, but it is unabashedly heterosexual in orientation. Granted, the show finds itself in the premier venue of a burgeoning gayborhood. The innocuously named 42West is better known by its other name: XL Nightclub, the dance floor attached to gay boutique hotel The Out NYC. As the evening advances, ushers hold back a deluge of neon-tanked boys of the night ready to invade 42West for Yolo Saturdays at XL. But until midnight, it steadfastly remains a bacchanalian celebration of single ladies on the prowl in the age of reality TV and social media. The premise is a dating show (think ABC's "The Bachelorette") to find a husband for Adriana Orlando (Miss New York USA 2013 Joanne Nosuchinsky in a pitch-perfect portrayal) following her breakup from longtime beau Giovanni Giovanni (a funny and hirsute Gianmarco Soresi). She has plenty of options: There's Wall Street tycoon Tripp Swift (Alex Fast, perfectly capturing the oily financier), surfer dude Zeke Double Moon Turtle (the appealingly beefy BJ Gruber), and even a scion of Dubai, Prince Al Zaheed (dancing fiend Douglas Goodhart). Finding the right man is the reason for the season. "Who here's on Tinder?" asks host Malcolm Love (the appropriately sleazy Andy Peeke), referencing the popular dating application. "Remember, what happens at an off-Broadway interactive show stays at an off-Broadway interactive show."

  • BROADWAY WORLD REVIEW OF That Bachelorette Show

    THAT BACHELORETTE SHOW is as Bubbly and Light as Champagne

    David Clarke

    May 1, 2015: Yes, interactive Off-Broadway shows are a thing, and they can be really entertaining. The latest offering in the genre is "That Bachelorette Show," which is a flirtatiously fun 90 minute dance party from the creator of THE AWESOME 80S PROM. More party than theatre, this frivolous concoction packs in the laughs and keeps the beats coming. You'll have a blast dancing the night away with Adrianna Orlando and her stable of aspiring beaus. Due to the interactive elements of "That Bachelorette Show," there is no way you'll ever see the same performance twice. That's where a thin plot, some clichéd archetypes, and keen improvisational skills come into play to make sure that Ken Davenport's creation keeps the audience smiling. In the show, plucky bachelorette Adriana Orlando, played with perfected comical bridge-and-tunnel sass by Joanne Nosuchinsky, is looking for love. She just left her greasy, Italian Guido boyfriend, Giovanni Giovanni because he wouldn't propose to her. Gianmarco Soresi plays this slime-ball with ample sleaze. So, what's a girl to do? She turns to New York City's favorite dating show to find her husband. The show's rakish, libidinous host Malcolm Love, played with gusto by Andy Peeke, guarantees Adriana that he and the audience will help her find her husband. Enter her best friends and future bride's maids. Bennett Leak's Tristan Di Stefano, clad in an audacious pink zebra print vest, is armed with an array of obviously gay traits and a ton of attitude. Meagan Robar's Ricki Ronzoni would be perfectly at home on MTV's Jersey Shore as she parties with the audience, flirts with the guys, spends the evening swiping left and right on Tinder, and sending Snapchats.



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