The Accidental Pervert OFF-BROADWAY REVIEWS

Photo: Andrew Goffman
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Opening Night:
July 5, 2011
September 13, 2017

Theater: The 13th Street Repertory Theatre / 50 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10003


"The Accidental Pervert" tells the awkwardly poignant story of a boy's journey into manhood after discovering his dad's X-rated video tapes hidden in a bedroom closet. He subsequently develops an addiction to pornography that continues until the age of 26, when he meets his wife to be, and finds himself struggling to find the balance between fantasy and reality.

  • THEATERMANIA REVIEW OF The Accidental Pervert

    Andrew Goffman's solo show about discovering his father's X-rated videos is comically engaging

    Barbara and Scott Siegel

    December 21, 2015: There is a serious play buried deep inside "The Accidental Pervert," now at The Players Theatre Loft, but writer/performer Andrew Goffman is content to gently sideswipe the profound points of his story and go for laughs instead. And there are plenty of laughs, although his self-deprecating comedy is fundamentally built on a single joke. The end result is cute, in a disgusting sort of way. There are probably millions upon millions of young boys who stumbled upon their father's skin magazines, dirty movie collections, or French postcards. Very few of them, however, had the same obsessive reaction as the 11-year-old Goffman, who found his father's X-rated videos and subsequently studied them virtually frame by frame -- leading him to discover sex in ways that he could not duplicate in real life. And the point of the play is that view of sex screwed him up -- until he met the woman he would marry 15 years later.

  • BROADWAY WORLD REVIEW OF The Accidental Pervert


    Gabrielle Sierra

    January 26, 2010: Sex. Masturbation. Porn. These are topics that our society shies away from openly discussing, at least within the daylight hours. America is not a land where candid talks about one's self-pleasuring habits are commonplace. We can see an arm blown off on TV but we can't hear the word vagina without going red in the face. Cue Andrew Goffman in "The Accidental Pervert." This off-Broadway show documents the true account of one boy's (Goffman's) journey into sexual maturity. As if this tale wasn't difficult enough on its own, the entire odyssey is overshadowed and heavily influenced by the fact that at age eleven this boy happened upon his dad's collection of xxx-rated video tapes (96 xxx-rated videotapes to be exact) and has been fixated on them ever since. The show was originally work-shopped at the 45th Street Theater, after which it played Off-Off-Broadway at the Triad Theatre. On December 4th it began previews at its current home: The Players Theatre.

  • THEATERLIFE REVIEW OF The Accidental Pervert

    "The Accidental Pervert" Off-Broadway

    Barry Gordin

    January 23, 2010: Andrew Goffman’s outrageously silly one man show opened Off-Broadway at the Players Theater, 115 MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village. The funny Goffman under Charles Messina’s guidance delivers a slick physical performance in his semi-autobiographical account of a childhood dominated by pornography, after finding his father’s collection of XXX-rated videos. The evening unfortunately is one comment delivered in three or four variations by the skilled Goffman. The opening night audience howled with laughter at Goffman’s brave antics and were especially taken with the actor’s horror stricken expression at each of his new hedonistic discoveries. Best of all was how to masturbate without hands.



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